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Hultquist IP, formerly Intellectual Property/Technology Law (IPTL), was founded in April, 1992 by Steven J. Hultquist. Prior to founding Hultquist IP, Mr. Hultquist was a partner of Harlow, Hultquist, Evans & London, P.A. and "Of Counsel" in intellectual property matters to its predecessor firm, Harlow, Reilly, Derr & Stark, P.A.

From its inception, Hultquist IP has represented clients in intellectual property matters in a wide variety of technologies, including chemical, biological, electronic, solid-state, mechanical and information technologies.

In addition to securing client interests in intellectual property rights involving patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights, Hultquist IP is engaged in intellectual property-related transactional work, as well as providing counsel and expert witness services in contested matters. Hultquist IP’s transactional work is widely varied, and includes negotiation and preparation of agreements and related documents involving intellectual property matters, such as technology transfer, purchase, sale and leases of proprietary equipment, joint venture and other collaboration agreements, product/process clearance, valuation of intellectual property assets, due diligence incident to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, assessments of proprietary rights incident to initial public offerings, private placements and venture capital funding, determinations of inventorship, implementation of systems for the administration and management of intellectual property.

In contested matters, Hultquist IP has litigated in state and federal court proceedings, and provided expert witness testimony. The firm has been involved in interference, reissue and reexamination proceedings, has argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and has submitted briefs to the United States Supreme Court.

Intellectual property counsel activities of Hultquist IP include strategically focused assessment of potential research, development and commercialization efforts, from the perspective of avoiding or resolving conflict with proprietary rights of third parties. Such counsel activities may involve assistance to clients in designing around patent or other proprietary positions held by competitors, establishing intellectual property as trading stock for cross-licensing with such competitors, in-licensing of augmentive technology, out-licensing of peripheral technology, design of experiments for proof of concept of inventions and support of patent filings, putting competitors on affirmative notice of proprietary rights, and providing budgetary and planning input to clients in furtherance of their intellectual property management efforts.

The client base of Hultquist IP is diverse, and ranges from educational institutions and established multinational corporations to start-up and emerging technology companies. Our clients are engaged in a wide range of technologies, including the fields of chemistry and life sciences, bioinformatics, business methods, engineering materials, nanotechnology, medical devices, optoelectronics, pharmaceuticals and semiconductor manufacturing, among many others.

Hultquist IP is engaged in worldwide patenting and trademark registration efforts on behalf of its clients, and maintains relationships with attorneys and law firms in all countries of interest to the firm's clients, including current work in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Russia, and all European and Scandinavian countries. Hultquist IP's relationships with counsel in other countries permit matters of foreign law procedure to be resolved rapidly, providing our clients with the advice and expertise necessary for global commercialization of their technologies.

Hultquist IP is proud of our accomplishments and those of our clients.

Many of our client relationships span decades and countless interactions with administrative agencies, courts, and opposing counsel on their behalf.  We have seen clients grow from a few founding entrepreneurs to multinational presence and listing on major stock exchanges, and have seen the pace of technological development and global dispersion of knowledge accelerate, bringing new strategic challenges and opportunities.

Our clients repose in us the responsibility to identify, protect and enforce their proprietary rights in their most basic asset, the intellectual property that is the product of their creativity, idealism and ambitions.  We are proud to assume that responsibility, and to share the successes of our clients in the business of building the technology and infrastructure of an increasingly complex and exciting future.